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We take safety and compliance very seriously. All our fencing follows the strict pool safety regulations. Our pool fencing is carefully measured to ensure accuracy and made in-house from the best, durable materials.
With our up to date knowledge of the regulations and years of experience, you can be sure that we can provide safety for your family, plus a selection of colours and styles to look great in your yard.

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Gem's useful Guide to NSW Pool Fencing Regulations is available here.

Learn more about Pool Fencing Regulations in your local council, or scroll down.

register your pool fencing in NSW

A Guide to NSW Pool Fencing Regulations

Long lasting and durable pool fencing not only needs to be built correctly by experienced installers using quality components – but you are also required by law to ensure it will meet your council’s safety-compliance regulations.

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pool fencing regulations and compliance
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If you own a swimming pool, or are building a new pool, you are required to register your pool online at the NSW Swimming Pool Register. You will need to obtain a certificate even if you are selling or leasing a property with a pool.

To register your pool, you must conduct an assessment and confirm that your pool complies with the relevant safety standards required. The council will then carry out an inspection of your pool and/or spa and will issue you with a Compliance Certificate. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

Are you considering a new pool?

When you deal with at Gem Fencing, you can relax. We keep up to date with NSW legislation and council regulations regarding pool fencing.

pool fencing regulations and compliance

We custom design, construct and install pool fencing that is good-looking, sturdy and affordable, using only high-quality Australian-made glass and aluminium components.

For extended durability, we also apply a tough, heat-set powder coating at our Kirrawee factory.

If you have sloping block or rocky terrain, ask us for an assessment. Our skilled installers have the experience to manage many difficult sites, for instance:

Kristy, a client at Grays Point, had an issue with compliance that council had given her a time frame to have rectified. She wanted part of the boundary fence to act as part of the pool fence. The site had huge rocks and heavy bushland, making it difficult for our installers to access. The pool fence was mostly glass and we made the boundary fence out of aluminium at 1.8 metres high onto rock work.

We completed the job on time and council signed off with their approval.

We service all fencing needs – residential and commercial – Pool Fencing, Aluminium Balustrades, Automatic and Manual Gates, Fence Infills, Privacy Screens, Louvres and more.

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register your pool fencing in NSW
pool fencing regulations pool fencing regulations pool fence height requirements NSW

Learn more about Pool Fencing Regulations in your local council.

NSW Pool Fencing Regulations

Check these Pool Fencing Regulations in the Shire, Georges River and Bayside Council areas

Ensure that you check these Government links for more up to date information: NSW Pool Register, and also the recent Changes to NSW Swimming Pool Legislation.

Additional Resources:

Sutherland Shire Council

Pool registration and fencing is required for all bodies of water in the Sutherland Shire area with exceed 300mm capacity and are used for swimming or any water recreational activity.

Pool fencing is required to be 1.2m high, if Boundary fencing is used it is required to be taller at 1.8m. All fencing should not have a gap greater than 100mm or objects/features affecting the fences relative height closer than 500mm. Further pool gate latches should be 1.5m from ground level or have shield in place.

A warning and resuscitation sign must be visible at all times within the pool area.

For further up-to-date information please follow the link:


Georges River Council

(formerly Hurstville and Kogarah Councils)

Pool fencing is required for all permanent pools in the Georges River Council area swell as all inflatable/temporary pools with a capacity including or exceeding 300mm.

Children restraint barriers must be built in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1926.1. The retaining wall of above ground pools does not constitute as a child restraining wall, a separate fence is needed so the child does not end up immediately in the water if they climb the barrier.

For further up-to-date information please follow the link:


Bayside Council

(formerly Rockdale and Botany Bay Councils)

Bayside Council is the recent joining of the Botany Bay and Rockdale councils (please consider the requirements from all three council sites prior to building or maintaining a pool barrier until this transition of councils has been completed).

Pool fencing is required for all pools and spas (permanent and relocatable) within the Bayside Council area. A child barrier/pool fence must be installed and approved by the related authorities prior to the pool being filled with water and used.

The pool barrier must separate the pool from the residence, adjoining property or any public premises.

The pool side barrier must comply with Australian Standards and Building regulations. A permit will be required for the construction of a pool, spa or pool fence.

We service both residential & commercial Pool Fencing projects